Counseling Corner

Meet your School Counselor!

School Counselors advocate for students and support their academics and social-emotional wellness.

FLEX counselor Bryn Pearson

Bryn Pearson
Grades K-2

FLEX counselor K-5 Shani

Shani Clarke
Grades 3-5

FLEX counselor 6-8 George

George McMurtry
Grades 6-8

George's Virtual Office

FLEX counselor 9-12 Eddy

Eddy Fernandez
Grades 9-12

Meet your School Social Worker!

School Social Workers educate others about mental wellness and help students, families, and staff to find needed resources.

FLEX social worker

Danielle Buchanan
FLEX School Social Worker

Danielle’s Virtual Office

FLEX Monthly Theme

2 hands holding heart with flex fox logo

May: Compassion

This month our FLEX team is focusing on learning more about COMPASSION! 

Compassion: Sharing others' sorrows as well as their joys. Our ability to feel someone else's feelings and a desire and effort to help.

As a community, our goal this month is to practice more kindness and gentleness towards others and ourselves.

Here are some ways that your family can practice compassion together:

-Greater Good Parenting: Compassion

-How to Help Your Child Become More Compassionat

-How to Help Teens Become More Self-Compassionate

To learn more about COMPASSION this month...

Elementary classes will be reading the book Listening with My Heart by Gabi Garcia, Illustrated by Ying Hui Tan 

Secondary grades will be learning about: Compassion and Self-Compassion Practices


Need help right now?

If you are in need of mental health support, please consider the following:

• Washington County 24 hr Crisis Line: (503) 291-9111

Oregon Youth Line: 1-877-968-8491 text: teen2teen to 839863

• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255), with an online chat option

• The Trevor Project is a national 24-hour confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ+ youth. 

For help, call 1-866-488-7386. Text and chat options are also available on their website.