Curriculum Information - Secondary

We have chosen Apex Learning curriculum for our 6th-12th grade courses. This is a provider we have used in the district for many years. We will also incorporate existing district created and curated materials when appropriate and customize all vendor-supplied materials to align with our district learning targets and sequence. 

If you're interested in taking a closer look at how Apex classes are designed and how students navigate in them, please visit the Apex Family Resources page.  A comprehensive list of courses available from Apex Learning and corresponding course outlines are available on the Apex Learning Catalog. These are sample courses and may or may not be offered in the FLEX Online course catalog. 

For all classes offered at FLEX, take a look at the Academic Planning Guide

All classroom instruction and assessments are aligned to BSD Learning Targets

Curriculum will cover material in support of the same learning goals that students in a physical classroom encounter. However, the activities and methods for achieving those goals may be different. For example, a mix of real-time and video instruction could be paired with projects that students choose in order to learn and demonstrate their knowledge of what they’ve learned.

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