Curriculum Information - Elementary

Our FLEX Online School teachers deliver Florida Virtual for the K-5 curriculum.

Elementary students have access to the core curriculum (language arts, math, science, and social studies), art, computer science, and PE. If you're interested in seeing some sample lessons, please click on the Florida Virtual Demo link below. 

All classroom instruction and assessments are aligned to BSD Learning Targets

Curriculum will cover material in support of the same learning goals that students in a physical classroom encounter. However, the activities and methods for achieving those goals may be different. For example, a mix of real-time and video instruction could be paired with projects that students choose in order to learn and demonstrate their knowledge of what they’ve learned.

Health: Link to District's Elementary Health information

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Access the Florida Virtual Demo

To explore the lessons, scroll down on the new page to where it says "Try a Sample Lesson" (as pictured below).

Try a lesson in blue text with small cartoon pictures to show each subject area

Click on the Mathematics lesson for a basic overview of the formatting in all Florida Virtual courses, including navigating lessons, types of assessments and tips for success. Try either the Kindergarten or 5th grade lesson and when the lesson opens, click the green Getting Started rectangle under the course name. 

Any enrollment links or information on this page does not apply to FLEX Online School. Please use the Application page for information specific to FLEX Online School.