Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement Program provides students the opportunity to take college-level courses and examinations while still in high school. Participation in an AP class brings many benefits to students:

  • AP courses provide the chance to study a particular subject in more depth
  • AP courses prepare students for the demands of college work and help with achievement in other courses
  • Depending on AP national exam scores and a student’s choice of college, students may qualify for college credit.

Please note: For the 2020-21 school year, students who want to participate in the national AP exams in May 2021 will be required to register and pay for AP exams in the fall. November 13 is the last day to register without a late fee. Given this year’s unusual circumstances, AP will waive the $40 cancellation or unused exam fee.  So if in doubt, say yes to the test as there is no fee for cancelling.

FLEX Online School is not yet an approved site for hosting AP Exams.  We have submitted the application but do not yet know the outcome.  In the meantime, we encourage AP students to register for AP Exams by using an Exam Only Section Code through Aloha High School.  Follow these instructions to join the exam only section. Your AP teacher will give you the Exam Code.

STUDENTS - If you have not done so, please ask your teacher for the join code and create an account with College Board.

Additional information about AP can be found on the College Board website at