Top 10 FLEX Questions

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1. What does a day in the life of a FOS student like? What is the schedule? 

We don’t have a rigid structure like a traditional school. Our teachers will provide you with a pacing guide, progress monitoring and support. There will be opportunities for live interaction with instructors both as a class group and individually. The time of day students complete lessons and assignments can be set by your family.

We will have periodic live class sessions with teacher(s) based on student and class needs. These may include direct instruction and chances to interact with classmates. Teachers also may offer support or small group sessions. We encourage you to contact your teacher any time if you have questions or concerns.

Sample Kindergarten Schedule: 

7:30 Wake up and get ready for the day
8:30 Reading and/or math activities (with short breaks)
10:30 Outdoor break and snack (walk or bike ride with Dad)
11:00 Small group writing session with teacher
11:30 Science
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Art lesson
2:00 Lego building with sisters

Sample 4th Grade Schedule:

8:00 Wake up and get ready for the day
9:00 Review Language Arts lesson complete learning activity 
9:45 Math lesson and offline activity
10:45 PE activity
11:45 Lunch and chores
12:45 Social Studies
1:30 Science lesson (whole class)
2:30 Audiobook reading/listening    

Sample 9th Grade Schedule:

10:00 Wake up and get ready for the day
10:45 Video call with math teacher and learning coach
11:00 Algebra 2 notes and activity
12:00 Brain break yoga 
12:15 English 9 reading assignment and responses
1:15 Lunch and virtual club meeting
2:30 Physics (reading and offline activity)
3:30 Spanish 1 whole class live lesson

2. What’s the difference between CDL and FOS? 

FLEX Online School is a permanent online option school for families who want online learning even after schools open again. Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) is a fully online option for families who want to stay enrolled in and connected to their neighborhood school. At this time these are the only two options for students returning to the BSD in September.  For the CDL option, students will follow a schedule very similar to what their day would look like in the school building. The curriculum and pacing used in CDL will be consistent with what will be used when it is determined safe for students to return to school buildings. 

FLEX Online School will use a curriculum that is designed to be delivered online. Both programs will include teacher created materials and align to the BSD learning targets/standards. 

For more information about the two programs, please visit our Online Options page


3. How much school time/screentime?

While the curriculum is delivered on the screen, it is our hope that each student is able to spend time away from the screen to interact with paper and pencil or other appropriate manipulatives during their day. For younger students, the Learning Coach will be more involved with both onscreen and offscreen activities.


4. Why don’t you know yet what high school courses you will be offering? 

We do know that we will offer the same core subject courses as the comprehensive high schools, with the exception of IB courses. We understand that it is very difficult to compare CDL and FLEX Online for high school families when we cannot confirm our elective offerings. As a brand new school, we need to confirm our enrollment and hire the teaching staff before we can publish a course catalog. We would not want to offer a course that we do not have a qualified instructor for.

UPDATE: Our High School course catalog is now published as part of our Academic Planning Guide.  


5. How much “live” time with the teacher is there? Are the courses all synchronous?

Online courses move at such a different pace than in-person courses. Students are given a pacing guide and may progress through this at different rates than their classmates. Therefore, having synchronous lessons about one topic may not be relevant to the whole class. This means that live whole-class lessons will be less about content and more about community building, social emotional growth, study skills/habits, etc. 
The teachers will use progress monitoring data to form small group meetings to focus on skills or concepts that students need. Teachers will also meet individually with students to answer questions or to help them make academic progress. 

6. How do you take attendance? 

We are waiting on guidance from the Department of Education on this. Generally speaking, students must have several two-way interactions with their teachers per week. Two-way interactions may be video meetings, electronic messages or phone calls. 

7. My verification of enrollment from the district didn’t give FOS as a choice, am I still enrolled? 

If you are logging into ParentVue and see that your child is still listed at their previous school this does not mean you aren’t set to go to FLEX Online this fall. FLEX Online being a new school, this adds a few complications with the verification and enrollment process. 
Please fill out the verification form, even though it says the wrong school. If you have completed the confirmation form we sent to your email then after August 10 we will officially enroll your child at FLEX Online.

8. What if I want to cancel? 

We will not be enrolling any student/family who does not complete the FLEX Online School Confirmation form that was sent to your email. If you do not wish to be a part of FLEX Online this fall, please do not complete this form and we will cancel your application. 

You are also welcome to email us: but this is not necessary. 


9. Is FOS doing “4x4” or “Straight 8” for high school scheduling?

FLEX Online School is considered an option school and we will be following what the other BSD Option Schools are doing which is “Straight 8”. We recognize that this may pose difficulties for students who wish to transfer back to their home school at the semester. If your plan is to move back to ‘in person’ school when that becomes available we suggest that you consider CDL as it will align better with curriculum and scheduling. 


10. Can my child finish courses faster than the pacing guide says?

Online School offers more flexibility in this area than traditional classrooms. It is possible for a student to complete the course with competency before the grading period is complete. Working with the teacher, a student would be able to begin the next course and continue to make progress.