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School Learning Plan

Our Story

To say we are “building the plane as we learn to fly” is an understatement for the staff at FLEX Online School. We started this school in late August and successfully opened with over 1200 K-12 students on September 14th. We are learning a lot about each other; what we have done right, what we would do differently, and what structures and systems we need in place before we get too far along in the school year. Our school data is a mixed collection coming from the students and schools they previously attended. We don’t have a history of our own that we can fall back on to compare this year with previous ones. There are no FLEX Online School trends. We must take the information we have and start our journey.

We have challenges ahead and all of these require us to think big picture, have a clear school vision and mission, and find our place within the school district community. Below are some of the challenges we are engaged with:

  • What is our identity? How is FLEX Online different from CDL? What type of students would be successful at FLEX? How do we communicate this to the community and district stakeholders?
  • Will students choose to stay with FLEX for more than one semester? One year? Three or more years? Does this change our focus? How does this impact the data we gather for decision-making and improvement planning?
  • How do we build a strong FLEX community with students and families when nearly all of our lesson delivery is asynchronous? How do we build student relationships so we can address racism, bias, sexism, bullying, LGBTQ, suicide and mental health issues? How can teachers build a supporting, caring class community in this format? How can we build a strong staff community in this format?
  • How can we successfully address services for those students who are English language learners or receiving Special Education support?
  • Where is the FLEX home? We are occupying Timberland Middle School for the 2020/21 school year, but what about 2021/22? What will our needs be at our new location?
  • Many of our families, especially those at the secondary level, choose FLEX Online School because the traditional, comprehensive schools have not fit their needs. Many are not playing in the school band, singing in the choir or acting in school plays. They aren’t as likely to play for the volleyball, football, soccer or basketball teams. Some have experienced bullying. Some have medical issues that make it hard to attend or participate regularly. Many 11th and 12th graders are credit deficient and looking for a fresh start. These students aren’t connected to school in ways we know foster success. How can FLEX Online School create an environment that is welcoming, safe, inclusive and hopeful for these students when they are coming from so many different environments and experiences?

We have built a great teaching and support staff at FLEX and they are eager and ready to tackle these critical questions. They are passionate about their work and excited to help build this school. We are off to a successful start and look forward to continuous improvement and developing FLEX Online School into a viable option for Beaverton School District students and families.

Areas Of Focus

WE Expect Excellence
  • WE teach students knowledge and skills for our evolving world.
  • WE seek, support, and recognize world-class employees.
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WE Innovate
  • WE engage students with a variety of relevant and challenging learning experiences.
  • WE create learning environments that promote student achievement.
WE Embrace Equity
  • WE build honest, safe, and inclusive relationships with our diverse students and their families.
  • WE provide needed support so that every student succeeds.
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WE Collaborate
  • WE work and learn in teams to understand student needs and improve learning outcomes.
  • WE partner with our community to educate and serve students.